About us

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What do you get when you take a happily married couple- who happen to be an accomplished DJ and a street dancer- and put them behind a pair of turntables? Dance Floor Heroes. Nothing makes us happier than making people happy; we love music, and we love love. It’s entirely possible we will get misty at your wedding.

Dance Floor Heroes is a mobile DJ and entertainment service, serving the greater Madison, WI area.

Michael Boggs

At some point in the past 15 years, you may have shaken your groove thang to the beats dropped by DJ Mike- he has DJed all over Madison’s biggest dance clubs, including Plan B, the Cardinal, and Inferno. After being asked by friends over and over to DJ their weddings, he and Jess decided to turn it into a business, and Dance Floor Heroes was born. His charisma, extroverted nature, and years of DJ experience make him a natural MC and DJ.

Jessica Boggs

You know in Step Up 3 where they say some people are “born from a boombox”? Well, as cheesy as it sounds, that’s Jess to a T. Raised on a steady diet of Michael (and Janet!) Jackson, Jess was constantly in front of the radio, devouring every song that crossed her ears. She taught herself how to dance by watching music videos, and eventually found herself teaching hip hop at Dance Fabulous. When Mike was faced with spinning an entire New Year’s Eve party by himself, he finally let Jess (famous for back-seat DJing) behind the decks, and in his words, “created a monster”.


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